“We build confidence by showing our customers the beauty the world sees in them.”

Welcome to Mainstream Boutique. We’re glad you’re here.

A few words to describe Dana are down-to-earth, positive, joyful and determined…and anyone who meets her agrees. With the heart of a retailer, Dana thrives on chaos and activity and has a unique ability to bring together a multi-generational team that loves what they do and cares for Mainstream Boutique – Sheboygan as much as Dana does. Together, Dana and her team are proud to become part of their customers’ stories, sharing the joys of a first date to the tears of losing a loved one. Through every moment, the team is there to love, strengthen and support with a warm community of people connected through fashion.


“I love dogs. Anytime you visit us we’re happy to introduce you to our store dogs Doug and Pappy.”